All things black

For the night is dark VIII
Djitó (2014)
Flying Fox IV
Luba Lubinskaia (2014)
Flying Fox III

You spelled your name in charcoal all over my body V
Katha & Arne (2013)
You spelled your name in charcoal all over my body III

I lay my head on the floor II
Nina (2013)
With you I cannot be me

Passing silhouettes IV
Sina (2013)
Passing silhouettes II

Königin der Stäbe VII
Anna (2013)
To Darkness
Clara (2013)
Too close to care

No light, no light IV
Mo (2012)
The seaside in your head
Lilia (2012)
Listen with your heart
Lisa (2012)
Skin like velvet
Anne (2012)
Do you see me?

Vertigo V
Djitó (2012)
Dancing for rain V
Alex (2011)
Dancing for rain III

Dancing for rain I

Windswept III
Anne (2011)
Windswept I

Announcing the rain III
Lisa (2011)
Announcing the rain II

Remembrance V
Jan (2010)
This is how the cookies crumble II
Maria (2010)
And we were chasing clouds II
Charlotte (2010)
And we were chasing clouds I

Love & shelter XI
Eleisa (2010)
Atemlichter VII
Daphne, Hair & make-up: Anna Tsoulcha, Styling: Carina Musitowski (2010)
Atemlichter I

You've got a friend V
Isabel & Karolina (2010)
Rocking horse beauty V
Elisa (2010)
Spring united II
Charlotte (2010)
I told you this is home X
Maxi (2010)
So close to you II
Lisa (2009)
Near the river.
Jan (2009)
Kunigunde (2007)
Autumn field

Usedom (2006)
A whiff of light
Svenja (2006)
Walking away from Sacré-Cœur
Paris (2006)
Selbstportrait (2006)
Hinter Locken
Julia, Griechenland (2005)