All things orange

Tendresse III
Marilla (2014)
Autumn never ends III
Luba Lubinskaia (2014)
Firmament III
Jenny (2013)
Lower me down, pin me in
Zweifellos mondbetont (2013)
Clara (2013)
Without a grain of salt
Mo (2012)
Miriam (2012)
A fox on tiptoes III
Sina (2012)
A fox on tiptoes II

Are we human, or are we dancer II
Marlene (2012)
Little Red Riding Hood I
Margarita (2012)
Burning light
Anne (2012)
Diana (2011)
Something precious

Fast forward isn't fast enough

Rose hip princess II
Gloria (2011)
Scintillement II
Nelly (2011)
Dancing through wilderness IV
Gesine (2011)
Dancing through wilderness III

Dancing through wilderness II

No rose without a thorn V
Isabell (2011)
Maria & Natalie (2011)
Southern Wasteland I
Angélique, Hair & make-up: Carola Hickl
Fashion: Angélique Lang (2011)
Empty snail shells
Gesine (2011)
Winter Ouverture III
Marie (2011)
Winter Ouverture II

A book about roses III
Claudi (2011)
A book about roses II

Snail mail I
Provence (2010)
Wait and see
Julia (2010)
Everything comes to an end
Elena (2010)
Gramophone elegance VIII
Elisa (2010)
Gramophone elegance II

Outside in I
Gia (2010)
Vulnerable IX

Tulipa V
Kristina (2010)
I want to feel the same XV
Isabel (2009)
What you see
Italien (2009)