All things purple

Atemlos I
Jenny (2013)
I would have given it all to you I
Nina (2013)
Nous sommes la pluie VII
Renée (2013)
Nous sommes la pluie VI

Danser sur les pétales V
Anna-Lisa (2013)
Il commence à faire sombre VI

Königin der Stäbe IV
Anna (2013)
Floating in slow-motion II
Isabel (2013)
Hiding from the light II
Julia (2012)
Incoherent light II
Anka (2011)
Lavender promises
Elina (2011)
Dancing for rain II
Alex (2011)
Almond eyes
Xuan (2011)
Epicentre II
Isabel (2010)
Olive grove II
Julia (2010)
Close your eyes and you'll see all violet III
Charlotte (2010)
Close your eyes and you'll see all violet I

Light is all around you X
Joanne (2010)
So long VIII
Sissi (2010)
So long V

One year later XI
Laura (2010)
Jessica (2009)
La danse..
Daphne, Visa: Laura Abendroth (2009)
Sissi (2009)
Eleisa (2007)